9k Series Tracks


The H0 system is specifically built for Swathers/Windrowers. Track system is designed to give optimum clearance to the header while still offering substantial ground contact. The H0 system has a 30" wide track and has an axle height of 27.5" to closely match the stock tire height


The AA system is specifically built for self propelled sprayers such as the Hagie STS12 and John Deere R4038. Track system is designed to give a narrow profile for row crop application. With its 15" width, the AA system is a four track design that offers 4,000 in² of ground contact, which is roughly 3.5x more than the stock tire


The BB system is designed for heavy machinery. Each track corner is rated for 10,000 lbs static loads. Track system has a low profile with an axle height of 27" and the 20" wide track offers over 1,200 in² of ground contact per corner


9000-H0 Swathers

GVW 15,000 lbs
Frame Steel
GCSA 1,689 in²
Track Width 30"
Suspension Yes
9000-H0 Specsheet

9090-AA Sprayers

GVW 35,000 lbs
Frame Steel
GCSA 4,000 in²
Track Width 15"
Suspension Yes
9090-AA Specsheet

9090-BB Harvesters

GVW 40,000 lbs
Frame Steel
GCSA 4,864 sq in
Track Width 20"
Suspension Yes
9090-BB Specsheet