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What type of vehicles will the tracks fit?

Mattracks has track conversion systems available that will fit 4x4 vehicles as small as a Suzuki Samurai to full-size extra heavy duty trucks like a Ford F550. Mattracks also has the Trail-R-Mate systems available for utility trailers, as well as agricultural and industrial tractors up to 100 horsepower. If you need it tracked, Mattracks is your cost efficient solution! Mattracks also has Mattracks LiteFoot ATV Track Conversions for 4X4 ATVs and LiteFoot Trail-R-Mates for light duty utility trailers.

Does the Mattracks System require me to modify my vehicle?

Depending on the year, make and model of your 4 wheel drive vehicle, some alterations may be needed for proper track clearance. In some cases, removal or trimming of mud flaps, bumpers or running boards is needed. Body or suspension lifts can also provide the needed clearance for track operation.

How do you put the tracks on and off? How long does it take to install the tracks?

Installing Mattracks on your vehicle is as straight forward and about as easy as changing tires! You jack up your vehicle and remove the tire, and simply bolt the Mattracks track assembly to the wheel studs. Adapter brackets are required once installed, there is one more bolt for the anti-torque linkage for each corner, and that is it! You’re all set to go.

The time needed for initial installation of the anti-torque linkage brackets, and a simple alignment of the linkage brackets will depend upon your vehicle, tools and mechanical abilities of the installer.

What type of terrain can you go through and does Mattracks reduce compaction?

With Mattracks, you really not going through it… you’re going on top of it! You see, Mattracks has a unique ability to reduce ground pressure. When you reduce ground pressure, you travel on top where the going is easy!

Mattracks large surface area (26 square feet) will allow you to travel on snow, mud, sand, swamp, or bogs with ease! A standard truck with tires will exert up to 40 psi of down pressure on its tire contact area. A person standing will exert 6 to 8 psi of down pressure. The Mattracks system on a vehicle has as low as 1.5 psi of down pressure. This eliminates compaction and ruts.

How fast can you travel with Mattracks?

Never travel faster than the conditions or terrain warrant! On a hard surface, Mattracks can travel at high rates of speed for short distances. We recommend not exceeding 40 mph.

How much power does it take to pull the tracks?

Because there is a natural gear reduction, (the drive sprocket is 2/3 the size of your original tire) the power to run the tracks is about the same as required to turn the original tires. With tracks when your speedometer reads 60 mph, you are actually traveling approximately 40 mph.

How much does the Mattracks System cost?

Mattracks has over 100 different models available to match your needs. The price is dependent on the vehicle application.

The Mattracks System is SIX to THIRTY-THREE times less expensive than a dedicated full tracked vehicle. And you can use a vehicle that you already own or have in inventory!